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If you are looking for more information on our web based sales, please continue to read below. If you have been here before and are ready to review and buy from our demo site, you can go to the Summary page to select from all Events and Products available for sale, View Events by date, View Products, or see our Featured Events listing.

You are currently sitting on the Home page of our web-based ticketing demo & testing site. Typically this page would contain information and images about a venue, their Events, Products and any other information they choose to display. We are using it to provide information about our web sales module. This site is fully functional so you are welcome to browse, register, complete a purchase etc.. To obtain the information on completing your payment through our test gateway, please click here.   NOTE: When registering, use a valid email address to ensure you receive the email confirmations that are part of the site functionality. (We do not retain any information provided to solicit / contact you). If you have comments or questions you can contact us at info@streamintech.com or via the Technical Support link on the footer of this page.

Please visit the Art Gallery of Ontario or the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to see live sites.

Working with our existing clients to find the most effective solution to their web based sales requirement, the primary considerations communicated to us were: integration with the in-house ticketing system, ease of setup / administration; cost effectiveness, and consistency in appearance with the venues existing web site.

In response, our web-store offering for your ticket sales is a hosted, venue branded solution.

We are NOT offering a ticketing portal that presents you and your events amongst numerous other venues and a diverse hodgepodge of events. Each client site will be unique and venue specific in terms of its appearance and content. It will not reference or link neither other venues nor ourselves. We do not consider your web-store an appropriate place to be promoting our products and services.

Your web-store is to appear to be a logical extension of your corporate website – if you have one. Otherwise, it can be a standalone and fully functional website for your venue and events and products.

The web-store is comprised of a series of “template” pages resulting in standard layout and functionality for all venues. Your pages will have a unique appearance as the page content will be customized by each client. This would include logos, headers, descriptions, images etc.. Additionally, introductory and instructional text and the FAQ section will be venue specific. From your corporate web page, those wishing to purchase tickets to events, or items such as Memberships, would be linked to your exclusive pages at the central hosting location.

The web based sales application is integrated with our in-house Admits system for both setup and administration purposes as well as to have the web sales activity appear in the system as does any other sale. If you were to change the price of an event in the in-house system, that price change would automatically be reflected on the web site within a minute. A purchase done on the web site will be visible and actionable via the in-house system within a minute or so of its completion.

If you are not an Admits system user or have no requirement for in-house ticketing, a fully functional stand-alone web-store can easily be configured for your use. This includes web-based administrative tools, reporting / download of data, integrated access control / scanning application(s).

  • Sell both Events and / or Products.
    -Events are Date specific and may also occur at preset Times on the particular date.
    -Products, or items, have no Date or Time properties but are Capacity / Inventory controlled.

  • Venue defined “FAQ” text.

  • Venue defined “Help / Info" text.

  • Pricing / Payments in Canadian or US dollars. Currency type is indicated on all relevant pages.

  • Set the maximum number of tickets per order by Event / Product.

  • Pre-set “On Sale” and “Off Sale” dates at both the Event / Product and Price Type levels.

  • Pre-set “Off Sale Hours” to define how many hours before the Event Time the items is to be taken off-sale on the web.

  • Events / Products automatically are removed from the site after their Event Date passes.

  • Unlimited number of Event specific Profile Forms can be venue defined to allow you to collect additional information from the purchaser. e.g. Age, Grade, Special Needs, Emergency Contact for a student or camper; Additional personal information related to the sale of a Membership / Pass; etc..

  • Unlimited number of Coupon Codes for promotional discounts.

  • Event specific informational pop-up windows.

  • Rollover Tooltips display remaining quantities / tickets.

  • Colour-coded Status indicator re availability:
    Items above are color coded as:

  • AMEX "Front of the Line" capability. If you select an Event or Product into the Cart that is flagged as “AMEX only”, the only option for Payment is an AMEX credit card

  • Events / Products can be grouped so that in addition to appearing as per normal, they will also be displayed grouped together on a single page and are highlighted and directly accessed via a "Featured Events" link which displays as part of the footer of each page.

  • Already registered users can sign into the site by a variety of ID’s. Admits Member Number; Admits Account Number, email address; Admits External Member Number (i.e. a member number from a 3rd party Donor Mgmt / Fundraising system).

  • Signed in user can access their Account to update contact info, review past sales, reprint tickets or order confirmations.

  • Events / Products can be defined to be displayed and available to limited groups of users. For example, the "Members Only" pre-screening of the new exhibit will be visible only to Members, after they have signed into the site.

  • Pricing can also be defined by groups of users. General purchasers will not see the Season Pass holder pricing, and neither of those groups would see the Platinum Member prices.

  • Optionally define an Event / Product to pop up the signed in users account information to be confirmed. For example, upon selecting a Membership Renewal you may want to have them review and confirm their address & phone number etc..

  • Allocation and Redemption of "Electronic Passes". (i.e. Gold Members receive 2 x FREE Admission Tickets + 4 x 50% OFF Guests Passes). A Pop-up message upon sign in indicates their allotment and redemption status to the user.

  • Electronic Passes can be allocated immediately upon Membership / Pass purchase or renewal such that they can be redeemed immediately online.

  • Membership / Pass Start & End Dates can be set automatically upon initial purchase or renewal. Immediately set membership level and / or type.

  • Pass End Date checking vis-à-vis event date selection (i.e. Members can not select special members-only pricing for an event that occurs after their membership expires). Optional pop up message window with text explaining the policy and providing direction / options for members to proceed.

  • Offer optional, multiple, Methods of Delivery, each with their own price:,
          Print at Home
          Will Call
          Postal Mail

  • Optionally add per-item and / or per-transaction service charges.

  • Set to allow print-at-home tickets globally and then also uniquely for individual Events / Products.

  • If permitting print-at-home tickets, you can elect to print a simple Ticket image or a full page Ticket which includes text and images which can be uniquely defined for each specific Event or Product purchased (or by the Price Type).

  • Upon completion of an Order, the user can print their Order Confirmation which in addition to the traditional order detail also optionally includes the bar-coded Order# and venue customized text.

  • email confirmations are sent to site users upon registration and when a purchase is completed. These are addressed from a venue specified email address and can be blind copied to multiple others for notification purposes.

  • Separate “Quickshop” pages designed specifically for membership / marketing campaigns or unique special events.

  • ** NEW **  Unique web interface for internal Phone Room or Outlet sales.

  • Multiple options for Access Control scanning of bar-coded tickets integrated with our diverse and flexible back-end admission management functions: Desktop based using standard POS scanners; Handheld Wireless Windows Mobile devices i.e. Motorola / Symbol MC55.

  • Payments from each client pages are processed direct to the venues bank account(s) through a single secure processor, as part of the hosted solution. Those without their own merchant account can accept payments using our account.

  • A web-based utility allows direct administration of the web store in the event of the link to the in-house system being lost for any reason.

  • Duplication of data and an automated capacity "balancing process" allows web sales to continue for a period if the in-house Admits system goes off-line or the communication link is temporarily lost.

  • Within the ADMITS Backoffice you can define web-only Events & Products as well as Pricing, that is not available for sale via the in-house POS.

  • Web based transactions appear as regular sales in the Admits system and reports, different only in that they are identified by unique Operator and Station Ids.

  • Complimentary to the web sales, there is a self-serve Kiosk module to allow purchasers to pick up their tickets in the lobby of the venue.

  • It recommended that the optional "print-at-home" functionality be implemented only in conjunction with one of our Access Control ticket scanning options and with careful consideration to individual site Admission policies and procedures.

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